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Welcome to our Strong Edibles UK, your destination for flavourful and potent CBD-infused treats. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or relief from discomfort, our range of CBD Gummies has you covered. Our edibles range from a mild 10mg to a considerably stronger edible strength of 50mg, making us a leading provider of the strongest CBD gummies in the UK.

Understanding the effects of CBD is crucial as they can differ depending on the dose. If you’re unsure of what strength you need, you can try our dosage calculator. We recommend starting at a lower strength and gradually working up to the larger doses.

Strong Edibles UK

Our Strongest Edible

If you’re in search of the strongest CBD edibles in the UK, look no further than our 50mg CBD edibles. Available in two different sizes, these are a surefire way to get a high dose of CBD.

50mg Edible (Small)

CBD Gummy Strawberries Large Tub (10mg)

5/5 stars
Couldn’t recommend the products from Central Valley enough. They help me wake up feeling refreshed and they’re great for recovery after the gym."

What Makes a Strong Edible?

A normal starting dose of CBD can be anywhere between 20mg and 40mg per day. We would reccomend starting at 25mg and working your way up. That being said...alot of people will require a higher dose. This could be due to a challanging disporder requiring a high dose or it would be due to body weight. Because of this, we consider anything over 40mg a high strength. Our edibles start at 10mg, we also have 25mg and our strongest is 50mg.

Why Choose Our Strong Edibles in the UK

Quality Assurance: Our products are meticulously crafted using premium ingredients. We prioritise quality and consistency to ensure a remarkable experience.

Potency: When we say “strong,” we mean it. Our edibles pack a punch, delivering the desired effects without compromise. This makes these a top choice for mental health and among the strongest CBD gummies available.

Variety: Explore a diverse selection, from bears to worms. We cater to different preferences and dietary needs.

CBD Sourced from the US, Infused in the UK: We take pride in our roots. All our edibles are produced right here in the United Kingdom.

Among all CBD products, these are a favourite way of consuming CBD for people who don’t like smoking or vaping. Edibles can be a great way of incorporating CBD for people who do not like smoking or vaping to get their dose of CBD. Consuming CBD or CBD products which include gummies and CBD oils can help with a range of health benefits including chronic pain relief. There is very little chance of having side effects when trying to get the benefits of CBD edibles but if ever in doubt, just start low and go slow.


What are the strongest CBD gummies in the UK?

Our strongest CBD gummies in the UK are our 50mg edibles. They come in two sizes and are a surefire way to get a high dose of CBD.

What makes a CBD edible strong? 

The strength of a CBD edible is determined by its CBD content. We consider anything over 40mg a high strength CBD gummy. Our range starts at 10mg, with our strongest being 50mg.

Why should I choose your strong edibles in the UK? 

Our strong edibles are crafted with premium ingredients and offer a potent CBD experience. They are produced right here in the UK and cater to different preferences and dietary needs.

What are the benefits of high strength CBD gummies?

High strength CBD gummies can provide more pronounced effects, making them a popular choice for those seeking significant relief from discomfort or those with a higher body weight.

How do I use the strongest CBD edibles in the UK?

If you’re new to CBD, we recommend starting with a lower strength and gradually working your way up. Our dosage calculator can help you determine the right dose for you.

What types of strong edibles do you offer? 

We offer a variety of strong edibles, including bears, bottles, cherries & strawberries, cubes, and worms. Each offers a unique and potent CBD experience.

Do you offer any sugar-free options?

We’re working sugar-free gummies! Stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, you can check out our CBD Capsules.